I hate blogging as you can probably tell by the fact that I never upload this stupid thing. So basically this is going to sit here with the occasional update, but here is the good news.

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Bailey Jay


I haven’t updated my blog since April 19. Holy shit. That was seven months ago, and I was talking about how I need for the weather to warm up.  And now here it is, the beginning of winter.  Well, I don’t even know where to begin.  I guess I’ll just start saying things.  Everything is still going very well.  I have been practicing driving and I am almost ready for the road test.  The podcast is doing really well with 100,000 downloads per month.  My website is also still very popular, thanks to all of you awesome people.  I hope you all know how much I appreciate the members and how much fun I have putting up new, dirty content for you all to fap to lol.

I was just at the Village Underground in Manhattan on Bobby Kelly’s YKWD podcast.

I am still very active on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up with my life there way more than here.

And I even have a super slutty VINE account (baileyjayshow), where you can see little clips of me sucking dick or whatever.

Hope you guys all had a great summer!

Your friend,

Bailey Jay xoxoxoxoxo

ps. here is a picture of me from a recent set on my website. Photographed by the admirable Matthew Terhune


For the first time in a long time, I have the windows open in my house. It’s amazing. I think I need to move to a tropical island so I can live like this year round.

Thank you.

Here is a photo from a recent shoot that will be up on my website soon.


Hello to you all my friends and minions of the lands of Earth. I have begun a new blog because the old blog was pillaged for being too dirty. So I am turning over a new leaf and posting safe for work content. If that gets too boring, you can always go to my website and see me naked there. So for this I thank you my friends.

I have been a busy little bee as usual lately. I am hard at work on my book. I even got a literary agent and everything, so hopefully it will be available for consumption sometime this year.

I have been shooting lots of pictures and videos too. Some for my website and also for Fuxleep clothing. They are amazing. I will post photos from that shoot soon. I just have to get the OK from them first!

Here is a photo of me dressed as a Russian prostitute that enjoys Star Wars.

russian blog

Hopefully spring decides to make an appearance sometime soon :/

Well that’s it for now my beloved people. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves very much.


Bailey Jay


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